WK 12- Artist Conversation: Tiffany Le

Artist: Tiffany Le

Exhibition: Tau

Media: Mixed media, charcoal, paint, ink

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: http://www.letealeaf.prosite.com/

Instagram: letealeaf

Tiffany Le is a graduate student here at CSULB. She will be graduating this May with a MFA Illustration program. Le was born and raised in Garden Grove, CA. She had always been interested in art starting at a very young age. She explained that it all started with just coloring and copying the designs that were on cereal boxes. Her hobbies include Japanese fencing, hiking, going to gallery shows, and taking care of her bunnies. When she graduates she wants to look for jobs and go freelancing.

Tiffany’s work consists of paintings on canvases. In many of her paintings, there are dark colors such as black and grey. However in most of her paintings, the darker colors are contrasted with a yellow/goldish color. There does appear to be any straight lines in her work, instead they are all squiggly and take on various shapes. There were different scales to her work. The boats were in various shapes and sizes.

The artist explained that her family came from Vietnam and that her art reflects their journey and hardships. She explained to the class that her father tried and failed 67 times to get on a boat and leave Vietnam and how he had to find safe houses to live in. She also discussed that her cousin had gotten thrown off of a boat and almost drowned in the ocean. Her art is a reflection and a reminder of what it is like to be an immigrant and the struggle they have to endure. This is clearly shown in her work with all of the darkness in her work.

To me I was amazed with her work. I come from a family who all immigrated from Mexico so I was able to see the point that Tiffany Le was trying to make. I hear the stories that my family tells me about how they tried to come to the U.S. and although they are not the same as Tiffany Le’s, the feelings are still the same. Her art portrays the struggle and the determination it took to get here. I really enjoyed looking at each individual piece. I feel like everyone who has parents that immigrated to America can relate to her work and feel the power behind it.


WK 12-Classmate Conversation: Enrique Plascencia


This week I talked to Enrique. He was super cool and very interesting to talk to. He is currently about to graduate this year from Cal State Long Beach. His major is art: drawing and painting. When I asked what he wants to do with his major, he explained his different ideas that he’s currently testing. He is trying to sell some paintings, and he is also creating other types of art such as making shirt designs and stickers. In his little bit of free time away from art and school, Enrique likes to hang out with his friends, watch a movie, or even catch up on his favorite television shows. We wrapped our conversation by him talking about why he is taking art 110. He said that he needed a capstone class and this class seemed the most interesting and closest to his major.

Wk 11- Art Experience: Turning Pages

In my opinion, the best way to document ephemeral experiences is to take pictures of them. A picture does not always capture the emotion, but its a nice reminder of what happened during that experience. I’m not sure if words and pictures can truly capture an experience, but they work as a bookmark. To me, the style does really matter. If the picture is blurry, it can show that the event was hectic and out of control. If its more precise, then it can show that the event was more calm and collective. I don’t think that taking a picture takes away from the experience. In my opinion, it adds to the experience. It allows the person to think about what is actually important in the event and they can take a moment to enjoy what is happening.  This week’s experience was very uncomfortable for me. I really did not enjoy being in the library, it was completely different from being inside the bookstore. It was very awkward to be in the library, especially when everybody who was on the computers were staring. The worst part was when we were leaving and I heard the people at the front desk call everyone in our class “obnoxious assholes.” It really did not have anything to do with taking pictures, it was reading the books in front of everyone that was awkward. Being in the bookstore was easier because I felt like it was more natural. This experience did open my eyes to how unimportant books are nowadays. It was weird to see all of the books in the store basically hidden away. To me though, I feel like because technology is so important and so much more convenient that books are no longer an importance to society and school.

WK 10: Artist Conversation- Ja’rie Gray


Artist: Ja’rie Gray

Exhibition: My Complexion

Media: Oil paint on canvas, charcoal on canvas

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website:  http://jariegraymycomplexion.weebly.com/ , http://jariegrayblackface.com/JG.html

Ja’rie Gray is a third year student at CSULB. She is pursuing a MFA in Drawing and Painting with an emphasis on figurative. She is from South Central L.A. Ja’rie has already earned her BFA at Laguna College of Art and Design. She expressed how she felt that an artist can always learn more which is why she continued going to college. She has been drawing since she was five years old, but only accepted herself as an artist after she began college. She is also an art professor at CSULB.

Each painting has their own unique quality to them. The charcoal paintings put a darker feel on them. They give a wash out look to them. The shadows put a contrast within the art. The oil paintings emphasize the way she feels about her skin tone. The audience can see the bleach in them and how in one, the women appear to be drinking it. They also show the different skin tones of each painting within the painting. There are a lot of edges in her paintings. Each one has at least one rectangle or square shaped object within it. The vibrant colors make her clothes pop and contrast against her skin tone.

Ja’rie wanted to emphasize how darker African Americans are not seen as beautiful as those who have lighter skin tones. She wants her audience to believe that they are beautiful no matter what skin tone they have. Her paintings show her struggles that she had growing up with a darker skin tone. She put bleach in her paintings due to the fact that she used to bathe in bleach. She hoped that by bathing in bleach for hours, her skin tone would become lighter. In most of her paintings, she has multiple versions of herself. Each version is a lighter version of herself and there is one who actually resembles her skin tone. In all of her paintings, she seems miserable and unhappy. When talking to Ja’rie, she explained how it took years for her to accept who she was. She was completely unhappy due to her skin tone. Now she feels beautiful in her own skin and made these painting to help others see their own beauty as well.

I loved this exhibit. It is probably my favorite one that I’ve seen this year. I am not a dark skin woman, but I do have friends that are. I see their struggle to feel beautiful in today’s society where a “light skin black woman” is seen as more beautiful than those with darker skin tones. I love Ja’rie’s message to love yourself no matter what your skin tone is. I feel like this is a message that should be more emphasized in our society. She challenges what “true beauty” is in her art. She shows that there is something beautiful in everybody, which is a message that I love.




WK 10: Art Experience- Instagram


This week’s art experience wasn’t the greatest one. I really did not know what to post and what was expected. However, after seeing what everyone else posted and taking these screenshots, I can see the importance of this art experience. I see our class as a community of people who share their own individual experiences with one another. It’s interesting to see what each person did on the same day. Even though we were all at the art galleries, each person shared a different experience with the class. I did not like posting myself, but I did enjoy the results after they were done.

WK 10: Classmate Conversation- Molly Poyer

  This week I met Molly Poyer. She is a 3rd year student at CSULB. She’s undeclared right now but is leaning towards becoming a communication major. She said that she wants to go into social media when she graduates. We spend most of our time talking about what our favorite things are. Her favorite food is pizza and her favorite drink is either Dr. Pepper or strawberry lemonade. Her favorite band is pentatonix and her favorite movie is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends, watch movies, and play basketball. She is hoping to one day travel to Italy. It was really fun getting to know each other and seeing what we have in common. https://mollypoyer.wordpress.com

WK 9- Artist Conversation: Sean Joy Cabanig

Artist: Sean Joy Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Media: Metals: Copper, and Silver

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: None

Sean Joy is an undergraduate student at CSULB. She is in the School of Art Metals Program and will be graduating this semester. Cabanig is originally from L.A. but moved to Long to attend college here. Her first two years as a student, she lived in the dorms. In her third year, she moved into an apartment. All Work All Play is Sean Joy’s first show. Some of her interests include reading, cats, and playing games. She really enjoys being in the studio and experimenting with new metals. She became interested in metal after her second year at CSULB. When first attending Cal State Long Beach, she was in the studio art program.

Each of Sean Joy’s piece were different from each other. The shapes were in different shapes and sizes. Some pieces were small simple rings and others were big intricate necklaces. Each piece had a smooth texture to them because they are made of metal. The color scheme of each piece were similar to one another. Her pieces were either a dark brown color, or they were a shiny silver. The scale of each piece was realistic to what they represented.

When talking to Cabanig, she explained that her ideas for her art range from her emotions to her daily life. Some of the art in her gallery were from projects assigned to her over time in her classes. Other pieces show her emotions that she felt. She said that she tried to invoke humor into her pieces as best as she could, which is why some pieces are shaped like a penises. She also stated that some pieces held dark emotions for her as well. The piece that had the darkest message was the choker. She said that when creating this piece, she had been going through a rough patch in life and this was her way of expressing herself.

I personally enjoyed looking at her art. Most of the jewelry pieces looked like they belonged in a jewelry store. Even though the jewelry was not my style, I can definitely see someone wearing some of her art to fancy parties. Knowing that her emotions were apart of her inspiration for her art, it made each piece even more interesting. I found myself walking around trying to guess the emotions that Cabanig was feeling that day. Some pieces were more obvious than others to guess the emotions. Overall, I was very fascinated by the art gallery and had a great time talking to Sean Joy Cabanig.