WK 13-Classmate Conversation: David Brown

IMG_2687This week I met David Brown. He was super fun and interesting to talk to. He is currently a 4th year at CSULB and will be graduating next year. He is majoring in computer engineering which automatically makes him a super smart guy. After I asked why he picked such a hard major, he explained how much love he has for anything that has to do with technology. He said that after he graduates, he wants to go straight into the field and find a good job. In his free time, he likes to read, play video games, watch movies, and occasionally golf. His all time favorite food was french fries. His favorite color is orange like the sun, nice and bright. He loves horror movies that have the supernatural in them. He explained that he hates the horror movies that end with everyone dying though. It was really fun talking to David, he was very funny and entertaining.


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