WK 13-Art Experience: Art Care Package


This week’s art experience was very different. I had a difficult time choosing what to send but I felt that both the dream catcher and lei had importance to me this week. Sending the ACP is similar to sending a Snapchat because it captures that moment in time. I am able to share the moment that I made the dream catcher and even though the other person won’t have the same experience, they have the symbol. Which is what Snapchat is to me, its a symbol of what I am doing and the memories I am creating. It’s different though because the person I am sending the package to is actually receiving something tangible. With Snapchat, its just a video or photo that is going to disappear in a few seconds. I think ephemera really just depends on the person and what the object is. No my grandma’s ticket is not going to be important. However, the ring my Tia Patty gave to me before she passed away will always mean something to me. It’s the story behind the object that matters. I guess to some people the ticket might matter because there could be a crazy fun story that goes along with getting that ticket. It all just depends. To me there is a difference between art that is seen by many people and art that is seen by few. I feel like the art that is seen by few is going to be more special because the person who created the art can share their true feelings about their creation. Most of the time in museums, the artist is either not present or has passed away. There is not as much attachment and emotion to the art at that point. I feel like faster is better because the person receiving the Snapchat can share the emotions with the person sending. By waiting, the joke doesn’t seem as funny or the picture isn’t as sentimental.


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