WK 12- Art Experience: Game Design

N 33.786, E -118.115

Hint: Look low near the parking structure

This week’s experience was actually way more fun than what I had thought. At first I was a bit frustrated because the first 2 geocaches were no longer in the places that they were originally hidden. I was determined to find at least 1 though. After about an hour of walking around campus, I finally found one near the pyramid. It did make me look at places differently because I began looking at where can things be hidden. I never would have imagined hiding something near the pyramid but it was interesting finding it. I think every place has something secret. To me, I feel like students who live in the dorms know different things than those who commute. I believe this to be true because those who live in the dorms like how I do, spend way more time on campus than those who commute. However, those who commute could know more about places outside of campus, such as the best places to eat. It all depends on who has the advantage.


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