Wk 11- Art Experience: Turning Pages

In my opinion, the best way to document ephemeral experiences is to take pictures of them. A picture does not always capture the emotion, but its a nice reminder of what happened during that experience. I’m not sure if words and pictures can truly capture an experience, but they work as a bookmark. To me, the style does really matter. If the picture is blurry, it can show that the event was hectic and out of control. If its more precise, then it can show that the event was more calm and collective. I don’t think that taking a picture takes away from the experience. In my opinion, it adds to the experience. It allows the person to think about what is actually important in the event and they can take a moment to enjoy what is happening.  This week’s experience was very uncomfortable for me. I really did not enjoy being in the library, it was completely different from being inside the bookstore. It was very awkward to be in the library, especially when everybody who was on the computers were staring. The worst part was when we were leaving and I heard the people at the front desk call everyone in our class “obnoxious assholes.” It really did not have anything to do with taking pictures, it was reading the books in front of everyone that was awkward. Being in the bookstore was easier because I felt like it was more natural. This experience did open my eyes to how unimportant books are nowadays. It was weird to see all of the books in the store basically hidden away. To me though, I feel like because technology is so important and so much more convenient that books are no longer an importance to society and school.


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