WK 9-Classmate Conversation: Kyu Lee

IMG_2218This week I talked to Kyu Lee. She was super cool and very friendly with me. She is graduating this year and will be majoring in technical theater lighting design. She said that with her degree, she wants to work at concerts and sporting events. Her main goal is to one day be able to work in the Olympic opening ceremonies. Kyu is originally from Korea and moved to California when she was 10 years old. She explained that she does translate most of the time for her parents but that they are slowly learning more English everyday. She chose to come to Long Beach State because it has a good lighting program and she is able to commute to school. In her free time, she likes to sleep. Kyu explained how busy her schedule is and that she takes full advantage of every minute of sleep she can get. It was very interesting to talk to her and learn about her transition from Korea to America. I hope to talk to her more before she graduates.


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