The year is 2046 and I have finally escaped to Moonbase Alpha. My name is Orphelia, no not Ophelia from Hamlet, its ORphelia with a R. I’m relieved to finally be here and be able to follow my dream of being a person who gets to test out paintball guns for a living. Ever since I was a child, this has been my dream. On Earth, my parents were completely against it and always pushed me to do other things that they wanted me to do but not what I wanted. I was even supposed to marry a man that I don’t even love. He was a great man and my parents love him, but on the day of our wedding I couldn’t go through with it. So I left, and here I am on Moonbase Alpha. I have met some wonderful people here so far. I’ve only been here a few weeks but the first friend I met was Kyu. She’s super funny and very interesting to talk to. I then met Toma Ato. She is very different than any other person that I have ever talked to before. I was very skeptical when I first met here because she was carrying around a wand. However, once you get past the magic, she’s pretty cool. And then there was Rocko. I’m still not sure about this one. My suggestion is to keep the adventure going and see for yourself who this is.


Kyu:  https://kyujunglee.wordpress.com/

Toma Ato: https://maisonchiublog.wordpress.com/

Rocko: https://mollypoyer.wordpress.com/



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