WK 6-Art Experience: Photowalk

This week’s experience was very nice and relaxing. It fell on a perfect week, because midterms are starting. It was a nice way to get away from studying and just appreciate the amazing school I go to. I wanted to capture the beauty of CSULB in my pictures. My favorite place on campus is the Japanese Garden. Every time I go, it takes my breath away. My last three photos are all pictures of the Gardens, just at different angles. I love the coy fish and their vibrant colors. My Photowalk Guide was Joshua Hyun. He did a great job taking my group to the places that makes CSULB stand out from other schools. Even with the heat, he managed to keep us at a steady pace and give everyone a sufficient amount of time to take our pictures. What he could work on is knowing more about what he was showing our group. Most places, he had a good idea of the background of what we were looking at. However, there was a few things that he did not know much about. Overall, I had a great experience during the Photowalks, it was definitely much needed after a week of taking tests.


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