Wk5- Artist Convo: Andre Ritter


Artist: Andre Ritter

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form a Single Entity

Media: Mixed Metals

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: None

This week I was able to talk to Andre Ritter. He no longer attends CSULB, he recently graduated last spring. He majored in metalwork. Due to his passion for art, he said that at one point he lived in his car because he spent a majority of his time working on his pieces. He said that currently he does not have a job in his field, but he has a huge project to work on. He is hoping to develop an art program at his son’s elementary school. He is in collaboration with CSULB and us hoping that two rooms at the elementary school will soon develop into art studios. He wants to leave his legacy with the youth and help expose them to art.

Ritter’s work was very symmetrical. Looking at all his work, it felt like all of his pieces just fit together. In his lamp, all of the metals had their own design but all fit perfectly with one another. He uses a water jet to cut his metal because he says that its a cleaner cut than razors. There is lots of detail within his art work. His work consisted of straight lines and geometric shapes.

When talking to Andre Ritter, he explained how closely he pays attention to detail. He believes that every piece should be filled and there should be no empty spaces. He even joked a bit and said he sometimes feels like he had agoraphobia because of his need to fill up space in his art and rooms. He gets his motivation from lots of different places. Some comes from other artist, some from nature, and he even gets some motivation from  motion.

I loved his art work. I was very impressed by what he could do with just pieces of metals. Looking at all of the details, I could not imagine that amount of time it took to create each piece. They were all very appealing to the eye. I especially liked his lamp. It looks like something I would have in my backyard when I have my own house. The way the shapes all mixed together creates a look that I really enjoy.


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