WK 2: Plaster Casting

This week’s project was a blast. I was able to have all of my friends and my boyfriend come with me to the beach and have a nice day. At first I was not sure if things would work out because the weather didn’t seem to be on our side. However, once we arrived at Seal Beach, the sun finally came out and we all got to go in the water and have some fun. My boyfriend helped me with my project which was great because I have never worked with anything like plaster. It was super cool digging out my foot after we let it sit for 30 minutes. I was very surprised at how heavy it was too. Overall, I had a great day at the beach soaking up some sun with my friends.


Wk1- Landscape With A Corpse


I created this scene to show the after effects of partying too hard. Its great to have fun in college but I wanted to display what happens when its pushed too far. I left myself alone because I wanted to show that even though at the party there was probably a ton of people, in the end you’re all alone. I had fun doing this, especially because I was able to have my friends be involved and they gave me tips and ideas to make this project even better.

Hello Art 110

My name is Cassandra Topete, I am a first year at CSULB. I’m a psychology major and I hope one day I will become a psychiatrist and work with people who have bipolar and schizophrenia disorder. I am in Art 110 because I would like to come out of my comfort circle and try to meet new people. I am excited for this semester and hope you all enjoy my posts.